Zigo le Clown France

temporary tattoos zigo
Zygo le Clown is a professional clown based in the ouest of France. He uses the tattoos as small gifts for the children during his presentations.

Photochromic tattoos can be used to create a surprise. Theis inkt will only appear in direct sunlight.

NRJ Reunion Africa

temporary tattoos
NRJ, one of the main radio stations in France is using frequently tattoos to promote it’s image.

The audience target of this radio station is 15 – 25 years, so tattoos are perfect for their campaigns.

Loup.org France

temporary tattoos

Loup.org is an association in France promoting wolf wild life. They made a very nice tattoo with the wolf head to make the animal more popular.

Animal pictures and designs are appropriate for temporary tattoos.

See also this news about temporary tattoos of the loup.org project.

IKEA Sweden

temporary tattoos
IKEA used these nice temporary tattoos with hearts for a promotion in Sweden.

Tattoos are efficient for promotions in shops, see also this news about how to use temporary tattoos in retail chains.

Football club Mechelen  Belgium

temporary tattoos
The football club in Mechelen is using Temporary tatoos as give away for their supporters. The tattoos are also sold in the club shop.

Naturalis Museum Holland

temporary tattoos
The Naturalis museum uses tattoos for children visitng the museum.

Of course tattoos with dinausaures but also with spiders or bugs to get small children visiting the museum used to this kind of animals.

Djehlm Icescreams Sweden

temporary tattoos
This company selling icescreams in the streats made a nice campaign to promote their brand giving away a tattoo with each icescream sold.

For food companies the scented tattoos are a good option as they create a link with the flavour avec the product..

Heineken Portugal

temporary tattoos heineken
Heineken in portugal used the tattoos as a give away in bars and nightclubs.

For nightclubs we do also have the glow in the dark tattoos, these are really fun as the text or logo will shine in the dark.

Eurodisney France

temporary tattoos eurodisney
Euro disney used the tattoos to promote the new space mountain through travel agencies in Holland.

Cartoon characters are popular subjects for tattoos. They’re used as collectables for inpack promotions.

Pirelli France

temporary tattoos

Pirelli France used the tattoos with their brand to attrack clients to their booth at a trade show.

On the tattoo was the track of th Pirelli tire.