Caisse d’épargne France

temporary tattoos caisse epargne
The french Bank Caisse d’épargne is using tattoos with their logo for special events. A bank is an institution, people may be surprised to see them using tattoos for their promotion but it just makes the logo for human and closer to people.

Leader Price La Réunion

temporary tattoos leader price
Leader Price in the Réunion ( Africa) used the tattoos as a promotion in their supermarkets.

supermarkets need cheap easy to distribute products, Temporary tattoos just fit perfectly for this kind of promotions.

Caisse d’Epargne France

temporary tattoos caisse

Caisse d’Epargne in France is one of the big banks. They used the Tattoos in combination with sport events.

Banks, yes bank order also tattoos, not only for kids but also for adults.

Antwerpen Belgium

temporary tattoos
The town of Antwerpen used Temporary tattoos to vehicule their new logo.

Municipalities organise many manifestations for which they need some low cost promotors.

Naturalis Holland

temporary tattoos naturalis
The dutch Museum Naturalis gives temporary tattoos to kids visiting the exposition.

Tattoos for museums and expositions. Kids love to bring home a souvenir, specialy with animal designs.

Voici France

temporary tattoos Voici
The french Magazine Voici did add a temporary tattoo in each of their magazines. One chinses symbol and one tribal symbol.

Temporary tattoos as an insert in Magazines. They’re flat, and no weight.

Also Glitter tattoos can be very fashion.

Sport Amsterdam Holland

temporary tattoos sport holland
The town of Amsterdam distributed temporary tattoos to children to promote sport in schools.

Tattoos do well with sport events. For sport events also think of the thermographic tattoos. These tattoos change colour with body temperature.

Kivirs Fruktstund Sweden

temporary tattoos Kivirs
Kivirs in Sweden added temporary tattoos to their boxes of Strawberries.

Unit price for a box of Strawberries is low, that is why tattoos are perfect to be added as they’re really low cost motivators.

Small kids    South Africa

temporary tattoos
Charity organisation Small kids big hearts used tattoos as fund raisers.

Many charity organisations use temporary tattoos.

Ricard Belgium

temporary tattoos Ricard
Beverage company Ricard in Belgium made some funny tattoos linking their brand colours with Halloween.

We made tattoos for many famous brands worldwide.