Q: How do I apply a Tattoo??

  1. Skin must be completely clean and dry.
  2. Remove protective clear cover sheet and discard.
  3. Place Tattoo face down on skin.
  4. Wet back of Tattoo with a very wet cloth or water, then apply pressure.
  5. Wait 30 Seconds (don’t rush). Slide off paper backing. (The secret is to slide-off paper backing, not to peal it off.).
  6. After the Tattoo dries (about 5 minutes) Wash gently with soap and water which will gave your Tattoo a more realistic look.

NOTE: Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes.

Q: How do I remove a Tattoo?

Saturate Tattoo with baby oil, cold cream or household rubbing alcohol; wait 20 seconds, then gently rub away Tattoo with cotton ball, tissue or paper towel.

Q: How long will the Tattoo last on skin?

Up to 7 Days. People with dryer skin or less of an oil content in their skin, tend to have the Tattoo last longer and people with moister or a higher oil content in skin tend to have the Tattoo last not as long.

Q: What is the minimum quantity I can order? ?

As we are a prime manufacturer and not a distributor of Temporary Tattoos, the minimum order for “Custom” design Temporary Tattoos is 5,000 pieces and must be ordered in increments of 5,000 pieces per version. The minimum order for Stock Design Tattoos is 250 pieces and must be ordered in increments of 250 pieces per version.

Q: What size can my Tattoo be made in?

We have different standard sizes, please contact our Sales department to receive a pricelist with details.

Q: What formats can I submit artwork?

Acceptable graphic artwork application are :

Adobe Illustrator version CS or lower (saved as an AI or EPS file) or Adobe Photoshop (preferably saved as a PSD file, but also will accept a PDF, High Resolution JPG or TIFF), with artwork setup IN COLOR CORRECTED CMYK (NOT RGB) IN AT LEAST 300 DPI RESOLUTION. Please do not send RGB files as colors will not be guaranteed to match. ARTWORK SHOULD BE CREATED ON A TRANSPARENT (clear) BACKGROUND.

Back label copy:

If Graphic Artwork or a logo is needed on back label please submit file in Adobe Illustrator version CS or lower (saved as an AI or EPS file) or Adobe Photoshop (preferably saved as a PSD file, but also will accept a PDF, High Resolution JPG or TIFF), with artwork setup AT 100% BLACK, ONLY AT IN AT LEAST 300 DPI RESOLUTION.

Q: Do you offer Artwork design service?

Yes, please call a customer service representative to discuss your artwork needs and a cost estimate.

Q: Can a tattoo be made using a photograph?

Yes. To ensure a quality Temporary Tattoo is produced, please provide our art department with a clear photographic image at no less than a 300 resolution. We recommend backing most photographs in white ink to create a seamless Tattoo image that has more “pop” on the skin.

Q: How many colors can I have in my artwork?

Our custom Temporary Tattoos are printed in 4-color process plus the 5th color of white ink. This will allow your artwork to include all the conventional colors on the Pantone chart; these colors closely match Pantone colors and regular process screens but are NOT AN EXACT MATCH due to the special safe, non-toxic, FDA certified ink that we use in our production. This special F.D.A. certified non-toxic ink is considered a “cosmetic grade” ink and is close, but not as bright or consistent as conventional 4-color process (CMYK) inks.

The 4-color process inks are considered transparent inks. The 5th color of white ink is considered an opaque ink.

Q: What is the normal production time?

Tattoos shipped in approximately 3 weeks from receipt of artwork, purchase order and proof approval for unpackaged bulk product.

Special Packaging, “Special Effects” Tattoos and large volume orders require additional time.

Q: How will my tattoos be packaged?

Product stacked neatly in rows, facing same direction. Packed and shipped in bulk, unless other packaging is specified. Complete customized fulfillment and contract packaging are available by quotation to meet all of your special packaging requirements.

Q: Do I have to cut-out the exact temporary tattoo image?

No, just cut-out a square or rectangular section of the Tattoo paper that your image occupies. Once applied, the exact Temporary Tattoo image will completely release from the Temporary Tattoo paper on to your skin.

Q: Can I put more than one temporary tattoo image per tattoo sheet?

Yes, you can either have one Temporary Tattoo image per Temporary Tattoo sheet or multiple Temporary Tattoo images per sheet. Once you determine the Temporary Tattoo sheet size you require, you can put as many Tattoo images on that sheet as long as there is at least 10 mm clear space all the way around the perimeter of the Temporary Tattoo sheet and at least 10mm between each Temporary Tattoo image.
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