The Photochromic Tattoos

temporary tattoos Description:

  • 4-Color process plus one color Photochromic ink effect
  • Photochromic inks appear almost clear when indoors, but when you go outside in the sun, vibrant color appears.
  • The color will turn back to almost clear when indoors or in the shade


There are no comparisons to Pantone Matching System because the colors are barely visible when printed. When exposed to sun light or UV light, the inks will come to color in strengths that are proportional to the amount of sun light or UV light that they absorb.All Temporary Tattoos with “Special Effects” such as our Photochromic Temporary Tattoos require a special dedicated press run and are quoted upon request.   Photochromic Temporary Tattoos require a minimum order of 20,000 pieces per version.

The Photochromic ink part of the Temporary Tattoo will last about as long as the 4-color process ink part of the Temporary Tattoo.

Suggested uses:

  • An advertising message
  • Safety message
  • Thought or positive message to kids
  • Game or contest
  • Outdoor events
  • Spring break events
  • Outdoor sports teams / events
  • Theme and recreational parks
  • Swimwear promotions
  • Sun care product promotions
  • New product introductions
  • Licensed characters

Please note:

Please be sure to test samples for desired performance as a Photochromic Temporary Tattoo is much thicker than our Standard Temporary Tattoo.