The Scented Tattoos


  • Printed in 4-Color process plus one(1) scent or fragrance effect
  • Almost any stock or custom scent or fragrance can be applied
  • Great promotion for scented, fragrance or flavour products


Scented Temporary Tattoos stand out in a crowd and gain the attention of not only the wearer, but also those around the person with the Tattoo and experience the sweet smell of a  successful promotion!  Add more than just words or graphics and no one will forget a scented Temporary Tattoo, the perfect advertising impression.

Did you know that 85 % of our communication is done at the subconscious level? We have incorporated two of the most powerful senses… Sight and Smell to leave an unforgettable impression in your customer’s mind.

Only one(1) scent may be applied per Tattoo sheet version.
For customer supplied scents, the scent should be provided in the form of a micro-encapsulated slurry.
The scent will last about up to three(3) days once applied.

All Temporary Tattoos with “Special Effects” such as our Scented Temporary Tattoos require a special dedicated press run and are quoted upon request.   Scented Temporary Tattoos require a minimum order of 20,000 pieces per version.

Suggested uses:

Scented Temporary Tattoos work great for scented products or services by releasing brand aroma to create name recognition.

  • Fragrance and cosmetic industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Restaurant and fast food chains
  • Health and beauty aid companies
  • Holiday marketers
  • Snack food companies