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We personalize Temporary Tattoos with your logo or own design and deliver in less than 20 days in any country!
Temporary Tattoos are the perfect promotion for all the family : adults, teenagers and children!

We manufacture Temporary Tattoos up from 2500 units with your logo or design in many standard sizes…
We are experienced, reliable offset graphic arts printers of Temporary tattoos and we offer the best “Premium” Quality product of the market.
Our tattoos are 100% safe, non-toxic, FDA Certified
Temporary Tattoos and meet all CPSC and ASTM cosmetic safety requirements.
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“I was resally please of the quality of the service when I had to order temporary tattoos: fast, profesional and a perfect quality…”

Peter Mussert Manager Procurement Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe

I ordered 100,000 tattoos for a big client in Greece (confectionery/baking company). The tattoos were added as an in-pack promotion of some industrial muffins, and they had a great success!”

Katerina Gizoti

We use the temporary tattoo as a promotion for product launches. For example.  for the launch of the last volume of the Harry Potter in Holland, we made some Glow in the dark temporary tattoos representing Potter’s Scar! A Fantastic promotion!”
Steph Weigert CEO Zintuig Media (NL)